Depot Equipment

Rail department in MTES provides best and unique products and services in Depot Equipment S as it has exclusive agencies from all over the world.

Products and services

1. Deferent types of jacks
2. Lifters
3. Bogie test machine
4. Bogie/Wheel set drop machine
5. Bogie handling
6. Depot Protection System (DPS)
7. Depot management system
8. Fleet management system
9. Depot customization software design
10. Diagnosis systems: FADIS, WEDIS
11. Automatic Train Washing Machine
12. Rolling Stocks
13. Towing machines
14. Rail Cranes


• HANNING & KAHL, Germany

• VABerlin, Germany

• Dr. D. WEHRHAHN, Germany

• VEIC, China

• GRAW sp. z o.o., Poland

• AMTAB, Sweden

• MECHAN, United Kingdom

• AQUA ENERGY, England

• D2T, France

• DAIKEN, Brazil