About MTES

Smooth operation of advanced industries demands timely and efficient support of logistics & proper technical services. In line with today's mounting competitive market needs, we at MTES have dedicated ourselves to serving the industries as a provider of machinery, raw material, equipment & know how, through trade, engineering support & training. Backed by our highly experienced and skilled technical staff and working through our offices in Dubai, Germany & Canada as well as our long standing affiliation with technical foreign consultant firms, MTES has managed to play an important role in the transfer of technology, equipment, production lines and services to all sectors of the Iranian industrial community. Although MTES is well know for its long history of supply and service in the road and transportation and power generation, the company is presently active in the 3 distinct fields of rail ways, industrial tools/equipments.

Railways Department
MTES actively participates in Iranian railway tenders and has already engaged in several national projects with highly qualified international partners. Our major working domains include:

  • Signaling and communication Systems
  • Overhead Catenary System (OCS)
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Measurement equipment
  • Depot
  • Track superstructure and materials supply