Measurement equipment

Rail department in MTES provides best and unique products and services in Measurement equipment as it has exclusive agencies from all over the world.

Products and services

1. Measuring complete wheel and flange profile , dynamic and stationary
2. Measuring wheel diameter and wheel flat condition
3. Measuring geometry at points
4. Forming database for condition monitoring of fleet wheels
5. Portable non-contact laser device for rail and wheel profile measuring
6. Mount-on-fleet non-contact laser devices for rail profile measuring
7. Fully automatic, dynamic vehicle weighing systems
8. Paint blaster unit used for highly loaded axels
9. Train detector
10. Wheel flat detector
11. Wire Wear System (WWS) used for Overhead Centenary System (OCS)
12. Contact Wire Position measurement (CRS)
13. Laser Pole Detection System (LPS)
14. Electronic equipment for railway
15. EOT devices
16. On-board computer
17. Dynamic weighing system
18. Weighing products for trains, truck and vehicles
19. Train Balancing/Weighing System
20. High-Speed Weigh-in-Motion and Classification System
21. Hot Box Detector system (HBD)
22. Dragging Equipment Detector (DED)
23. Dynamic Train Imaging (DTI)
24. Hot Box Detector system (HBD)
25. Automatic Equipment Identification


• Dr. D. WEHRHAHN, Germany
• GRAW sp. z o.o., Poland
• AMTAB, Sweden
• ALTPRO, Croatia
• TCEW, China
• DAIKEN, Brazil
• TRAKBLAZE, Australia
• VEIC, China