Signaling and communication

Rail department in MTES provides best and unique products and services in Signaling and communication as it has exclusive agencies from all over the world.

Products and services

1. Point machines: electro hydraulic, electromagnetic, mechanical
2. Automatic level crossing system
3. Depot control management, RFID solution, Train Tracking and Event Recording
4. Accessories: point controller, point heater, signal lights, axle counter, testing and service equipment, track circuit, track brake, etc.
5. Axle counter used at stations and crossings
6. Track and locomotive balises used in ATP system
7. Train presence detection at crossing using ITR/UTR system
8. Automatic train detection system and dead man control unit
9. Tag and Reader equipment, used in transportation and transit
10. AVL solution for tracking vehicles, automobiles, railcars, etc
11. GPS equipment , electronic accessories boards
12. Satellite GIS and GPS service
13. Tag and Reader equipment, used in transportation and transit
14. AEI ( Automatic Equipment Identification )
15. Fleet management system ( train, buses, vans, etc ) in depots and workshops
16. Railway fleet tracking system in city transportation


• HANNING & KAHL, Germany
• ALTPRO d.o.o, Croatia
• VEIC, China
• DAIKEN, Brazil
• FUSO, Japan
• AMTAB, Sweden
• COMTOP Tech, Taiwan
• GAORFID, Canada
• ACTIVE WAVE, United State
• TagMaster, Sweden